A Small Parliament of Magpies

It’s pure coincidence that I chose this item to talk about this week, in the run up to the General election.  But there are no politics here, only stories from my youth. I’ve always had a thing for lockets. When I was a little girl, I had a heart shaped locket that had belonged to my grandmother. It was an old Victorian number with a flower border and a small dent on the front where a monogram had never been engraved. I made up stories, (usually involving princesses) of how the locket became damaged, usually due to a scrape with death on a huge adventure that all turned out alright in the end.

But making a locket, now that is an adventure. They are complex things. They involve accurate measuring and the application of tiny pieces to make hinges and clasps. Everything has to fit in the right place, otherwise the whole thing falls apart. This magpie locket is no exception. It takes hours upon hours and a multitude of processes to arrive at the finished piece. It’s made with piercing saw, rolling mill, and press, and hand, eye and sometimes a few tears. But most of all, it’s made from the heart, because all good jewellery should.

You can find this mini masterpiece here

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