All things spin


It seems like fidget spinner mania has taken the UK by storm. I see kids on street corners, engrossed in these three pointed gadgets, spinning them as if their lives depended on the momentum.

I prefer more traditional spinners, namely spinner jewellery: Along with my Partner who co runs McDaddio, we are developing a range of jewellery based on this popular theme. At the moment we are focussing on designs that titillate our own senses, and since we both have a penchant for the unusual, strange and downright bizarre, it only seems fitting that we begin with the Gothic and Pagan. Featuring on our bands of many colours are a cornucopia of skulls, pentacles, All Seeing Eyes, triple goddess symbols and bats for dark hearts to delight in. Fidget rings are fun, practical and of course beautiful, so we’re going to enjoy rolling these out over the next few months. Keep your all seeing eyes peeled on our McDaddio shop, for more deliciously dark goodies in the near future.   McDaddio Shop

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