Ravens, Ravens Everywhere


As some may know, I’m huge fan of Neil Gaiman. I started my journey through his writings at University with the ‘Sandman’ graphic novels (I always associated with Delerium the most, she’s my kind of girl, mad as a box of frogs, just like I am!). I bought a signed copy of ‘Neverwhere’ in a Waterstones in Leeds some time after and devoured it (that copy later disappeared, which seems apt considering the content). I’m also a Pratchett fan, so ‘Good Omens’ was a no brainer.

But I’ve never read ‘American Gods’, so I’m watching the current series without any prior expectation. I must confess, I love it. It has that dark quirkiness so reminiscent of ‘Sandman’ which also explores the existence of veiled gods almost forgotten in the new world, hanging on only by the thread of a teeny tiny minority of believers. (Anansi knows all about threads.)

I’m also an avid researcher of theology, and much of my own work has evolved from those ancient stories, particularly those with Celtic veins. Odin’s (Wednesday) ravens are featured heavily in my cuff designs. Huginn and Muninn, who represent thought and memory (Muninn is often also associated with desire and emotion) are Odin’s ‘eyes and ears’ on the world, collecting information across Earth and Midgard on a daily basis, returning in the evening to convey what they have learned.

Featured Image: Copper Anticlastic Raven Cuff with Coloured Patina

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