The Silver Owl


The mythology of the owl is possibly one of the most diverse and dual of all animal mythologies. On the one hand, the owl is favoured by Athene, and aided her to both see and reveal the truth of things. To be seen to fly over the battlefield is a portent of good luck. In Celtic pagan mythologies, it is most associated with the crone, and is said to guide those travelling through the underworld. The owl also, through its perceived wisdom and keen eye can help to unveil those who might wish to deceive you.

The owl, due it’s nocturnal nature is also considered in many cultures to be a portent of death and bad luck, since man naturally fears the dark and what may lie hidden within. As such, it is associated with sorcery and magic and as such bestow the powers of perception, silent observation, wisdom and deception upon those who would take the owl as their totem.

The owl motif I use on my pieces is the barn owl, which is the most widespread of all owl species, being found everywhere in the world with the exception of the polar and desert regions.

Featured Image: Sterling Silver Owl locket

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